Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gage's Cardboard House

Allen had a large box that we was going to throw out to the trash the other day so I brought it in the house for Gage to play in. He ended up eating supper in it and playing in it for several days.


Jenks Oklahoma Aquarium Trip

Back in November we took a small trip down to Jenks Oklahoma to the Oklahoma Aquarium. The aquarium was pretty cool. They had open areas where you could touch star fish, shrimp and other animals. Gage thought that was pretty cool. They also had a really neat area where you walked through a tunnel and there were sharks that swam around and over you. I asked Gage what his favorite was and he liked the turtles. I would have never guessed that would be his answer but then again you never can tell what he's going to think of next!
I have to say we will have to go back again when Gage is older. There was a lot of reading to do and with a 3 year old he wasn't into learning about the different spicies.