Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Gage attended the First Baptist Church's VBS last week and really enjoyed it. He was very insistent that he attend every night that way he could be entered for a prize. He went Tuesday thru Friday evening every night from 6-8:15p.m. On Friday evening I went and attended the program night with him. They took each class individually to the front and one child from each class was awarded a prize for memorizing the most verses. Much to my surprise Gage won. The prize was a huge assortment of beach toys. (Right up our alley)

 I would ask him every night what he learned or did and he wouldn't tell me much. Then Friday standing there he re sited what he learned. Who is this kid up there standing in front of everyone in church, resiting his verses he had learned? I would have believed he was there only playing but he actually absorbed what was being taught!
He came home with new sand toys, a t-shirt, large sand bucket, toy dirt bike, hot wheels car, sunglasses and other misc. stuff. No wonder kids love VBS.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We purchased a new camper a couple weeks ago and pulled it out to Big Hill Lake for our first camping trip Thursday evening. 104 degrees and camping for fun isn't really the greatest idea. Especially when the beach says to swim at your own risk. I took a kiddie pool and sprinkler to let Gage play in since we weren't going to be visiting the lake water (Blue Green Algae has been detected in the lake but not to where they have to shut it down so its swim at your own risk).
The pool wasn't as big as I remember. Maybe because the last time Gage used it he was a baby. Now he can barely sit in it at 5 years old.
It was just Gage and I Thursday night and by noon Friday we were bored.

The pool was a flop, we did a couple puzzles, read books, watched a movie, ate breakfast, and went for 2 walks. Starting the day off at 7 am was too early. We came home and ate lunch with Allen, swam in our clean Algae free pool and then Gage finished his last night at VBS.

When we returned to the camper we ate supper and watched our rented movies before calling it a night.

Home by 9 am Saturday morning. Quick camping trip but we now can say we have learned how to:
level trailer, hook water and electricity up, dump grey and black tanks and all the fun stuff in between. We are now ready to go camping and have a great list of what is needed and not needed.