Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Well it has been a little busy here lately at home. Here has been the exciting stuff going on here lately.
August 5 we came home to find a sand pile for the swimming pool. Gage loved playing on this. All week long every night we would come home to play on sand mountain.

August 9th our swimming pool was installed. It was close to 100 degrees for a few weeks until we installed our pool. Now the temperature has been around 80 degrees so its been too cold to actually enjoy.
August 12 was Coffeyville Derby. Allen did make it to the finals but finished 6th. Of course top 5 got paid!

August 14 Allen thought it would be a really good idea for us to have a hot tub too to go with our new swimming pool! So he went and bought one.

August 15 The building of the deck started. Hot tub delivered.

August 16 Allen had some friends over through out the day to help him complete the deck. I had planned on grilling out for the guys and Gage and I catering to all their needs (like we would be help. ha ha) but Gage decided he had other plans like being sick. He woke up Friday night with a 102 temperature and we were up for a couple of hours and watched the olympics till about 2:30 am and then he fell asleep. Then he was awake again at 7 am temperature and all and we layed in bed till around 8 am. He was starting to feel better and wanted to go outside and watch daddy so we did. Then around 10 am he was fussing around quit a bit and I asked him if he wanted to go watch "Cars" and that made him happy. You could sure tell he didn't feel good at all. It is not like my child to crawl up in the recliner with pillow and blankey and actually watch a movie. He fell asleep about 15 minutes into it. I took his temp. around 11:15 am and it was 103 degrees! That scares me! I called the hospital and they said they couldn't talk to me or give me any suggestions over the phone. Since when did this change? Everyone used to call up there I thought! Well we made it thru and that evening his fever finally quit doing the roller coaster ride and Sunday he was fussy but not too bad considering the day he had saturday.

August 17 got up made pancakes, turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then the 3 of us went out to finish the deck. We had the deck done and all the mess cleaned up by noon. It was nice to have the deck done and mess picked up and tools delivered back to their owners and still had 1/2 a day to do other things. Kelli and Kylie came over Sunday afternoon to swim and enjoy the hot tub. The pool was pretty cold but getting in the hot tub and sweating till you can't stand it any more then jumping into the pool was perfect! Gage thought the pool was too cold but I let him sit on the hot tub and put his feet on the jets and he thought that was pretty cool.

Last night we ran up to Walmart and went out and ate at Chinese Chef. Pretty boring evening but had to go get groceries and all those exciting things you couldn't live without from Walmart.

Tonight I hope to hang Gage's stuff up in his room. His walls are still really blan and boring. I hope to take pictures of his room tonight after everything is hung and will post pictures tomorrow.

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