Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How hard is it to poop in the potty?!

We have had a couple of insidents at our house recently that I wasn't going to post...until now. We have been trying to use the potty chair more often. Gage will use it to go potty when I take him to it but when asking him "Do you need to potty?" the answer is always "no".

About two weeks ago Gage was taking a bath and was calling us to the bathroom (i was changing the laundry) so Allen went in to find that he had pooped in the tub but not only pooped in the tub had already sifted it out with his cup and handed the cup to Allen!

Last week once again I was changing the laundry and he hollared so I went in the bathroom to find poop sitting on the edge of the tub!

What is wrong with this! Disgusting!! I try to tell him how gross it is but I don't think he cares.

This morning at 6:00 a.m. my son comes in the bedroom saying this:

Gage- "Mama...Mama"
Gage-"Mama I pooped"
Jen-"Okay,you poop in your diaper?"
Gage-"ugh ha."
Jen-"Okay go to your room we will change your diaper" I then walk to his room while Gage is Slowly coming from behind
Jen-"Gage get in your room right now! Why is there poop on the floor!"
Gage-"dug it out"
Jen-"What? You dug it out of your diaper?!"


Gage-"Yeap.. Here Mama"
Gage then hands me more poop he carried to our room!
Jen-"Gage that is disgusting don't ever dig in your diaper!" etc.
then you can pretty much tell the rest of my morning this morning.

Any suggestions would be great on teaching my son 1. how to be potty trained 2. how gross it is that he touches his poop!

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