Monday, November 17, 2008

Weird Symptoms

Dr. said that they have been seeing some flu syptom's but nothing that has lasted 4 days. When he looked at his left ear though he did say that the tube was sideways trying to exit his ear canal and he had a lot of wax. He said that the drum itself was inflamed and his lymphnodes were swollens so he thinks the whole problem is an ear infection.

We have built a chicken coop and Allen is finishing up the chicken run today. We were going to drive down to Afton OK saturday to buy some chickens but with Gage sick we didn't. I was told of a gentleman that sold chickens that lives on Hwy 59. So today Gage and I stopped by and we had a tour of his farm! Gage loved it. He had turkey's, chickens, gennie's, a donkey, horses, pigs and baby pigs, ducks, name it and he had atleast 1. I guess i'll head back over later to go buy my chicken stock! I really didn't want to load up chickens in the back of the Denali!

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