Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Open Season

Tomorrow is the day deer season opens. I actually miss not being able to leave the house around 5:30 a.m.,quietly walk out by myself to my deer stand in the freezing cold, pitch black morning , holding my rifle in hand. I know it doesn't sound too fun putting it like that but...the excitement when the deer walk out in front of you and your afraid the deer is going to run off because the sound of your heart is pounding so loud, that is what I will miss. Having a two year old just doesn't make deer season feasible to me once again this year.

On another note about deer season, I think it is completely ridiculous how much it cost to hunt to put meat on the table. First, you have to have completed a hunter's safety coarse. (That doesn't bother me though.)Second, every year you have to purchase a hunting license which cost $20.50. Third you have to purchase a tag for every deer you kill. The price per tag is $37.50, if you don't own your own land! I'm sorry but I think that is terrible. People wreck and total their cars out which cost money because of these animals but we have to pay to kill them for something to eat? If you can't tell I do not agree with rules and the cost of this hobby.

Gage is back to filling a lot better. He rested some over the weekend and is back on his feet. Saturday and Sunday we put all the Christmas decoration's up and had fun doing it. Gage likes to sing Jingle Bell's and I am trying to get him on camera singing it but it just hasn't happened yet. I was going to hang the Christmas lights up on the house Sunday while Gage was napping but it was really windy and cold so Allen offered to do it later in the week. Gage and I pulled in the driveway last night and he already had them up and they looked really good! (I purchased the energy saver's LED large colored bulbs)

This coming weekend we plan to head to Branson MO to drive through the Festival of Lights, Tanger Outlet Mall and Silver Dollar City. I am really looking forward to making a family trip of it. I think the 3 of us will have a really good time. Seems like several people we know are also going this weekend so we may run into some of our friends.
Well, I have a son that wants to play match game so I better go...

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