Monday, January 19, 2009

3T Here We Come

Okay, I haven't ever really thought this was something to write about but we are hurting for excitement I guess. Gage has had a growth spirt here lately and he has had to move on up to the next size...3T. I must admit he still can wear his 18-24 month pants but they are about 3 inches too short.

Funny story...

A couple weeks ago we went Flea Marketing with Allen, Gage, Nana & Papa Hoobler and myself. I went to get Gage dressed and he wanted to wear his new John Deere boots he had received at Christmas. So I went and pulled out his longest pair of pants he had to go over the boots and they seemed a little short. Oh well, right? WRONG! We are just going flea marketing and nobody will notice. Gage exited his bedroom to hear "Wow Gage, are you waiting for a flood?". His father made that comment. Then, we picked up Nana & Papa, got to our first stop down by Grove Oklahoma and right when we got out of the vehicle Papa said "My word Gage, your mama really needs to put some longer pants on you."
Are you serious! The two men I thought would never care! They are commenting on my son's jeans! I've obviously got issues!
Needless to say I have now purchased several pair's of jeans that fit my son a lot better!

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