Friday, April 3, 2009

Chicks Week by Week

I purchased 20 chicks and 5 ducks March 6. Out of all 25 only 1 duck died the first night. Here are some pictures taken week by week of their growth. For anybody wanting ducks or chickens my words of wisdom would be go for the chicks! The ducks after about the first week make their living environment disgusting in a matter of minutes! I finally kicked the baby ducks out two days ago. They smelled so bad! I have been cleaning their stock tank bedding every 3rd day and by day 3 it would make you gag! I kicked the ducks out to the fenced in chicken coop and they have survived. The baby chicks bedding still looks as clean as it did Wednesday when I kicked the ducks out and changed it.
WEEK ONE-March 6

WEEK TWO-March 13


WEEK FOUR-March 27

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