Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend update

Lets just say I am enjoying this gorgeous day sitting on my back deck in a lounge chair soaking of the rays so why not do something a little productive update my blog.

Last Saturday we went to Katy Days in Parsons. It was really busy and Gage was still a little small to enjoy the bigger activities for the children. So we did walk around the park and let him play for a little bit while we were there. His favorite though was the train ride. He wanted to ride again but the line was really long and it took 20 minutes of waiting in line for the first ride I wasn't going to wait it out again.

Not a lot of activities have went on during this week. Memorial Day we hung out here at home and did take a short dip in the pool. Gage and Allen went to Coffeyville to look at a semi Thursday while I was at work (board meeting). Friday evening we went back and purchased the semi. Gage was so excited that he got to ride home in it. Then we got home from Coffeyville and I got my camera out trying to get some cute pictures of Gage and Sadie playing in the yard. We have tons of minoes (not sure how to spell that) that are out in our front pond. We try to feed them in the evenings and Gage loves throwing the food. So I got some cute pictures out in our front pond. (Sadie is 9 weeks old here)

Sadie is always chewing on something and unfortunately its a monster truck this time.

(Sadie is about 8 weeks in these last two pictures)
Just for my own knowing for later on...Sadie is now sleeping in our garage all night in the kennel and not dirting it one bit. She has been doing this since the 3rd night of having her home. House training though is not going so great. She doesn't like going outside by herself and isn't letting us know when she needs to go. So I am monitering her intake and when she should need to go outside. She was biting and jumping on Gage a lot the first 2 weeks but I think I have finally broke her of that with a lot of disapline.

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