Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Day

Sporting his mom's sweet scarf! No! I'm not cold! Nope not me!
When will it be my turn?!
Dalton & Gage sledding

Sunday morning Allen, Gage and I went rabbitt hunting. After no success we headed back to town to try out sledding. The days before it was just too cold and had been really windy. Don't get me wrong Sunday was still REALLY cold but not as much wind. We hooked the sled behind the Ranger and pulled Gage around and around and around. After a while we went over to the McNickle's house and they came with us to play in the snow. Dalton had received a snowboard for Christmas so they played on that too. Gage actually could do a little snowboarding to my surprise. I may be raising an Olympic snowboarder from Kansas...okay maybe not. Anyways had a great day playing in the snow and hope to have more days like that before spring. If it's going to be cold we might as well have snow for the fun right!I don't think the kid would have ever went in if we wouldn't of made him!

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