Monday, June 7, 2010

Childrens Museum

Friday morning we went downtown to the Phoenix Children's Museum. That was a lot of fun and very educational. The place was in an old restored school. Everything in the museum was built out of donated and recycled materials. Gage really enjoyed the time spent here. There were kids running everywhere.
The tree house as I will call it was a playground full of tunnels, stairs, ladders, slides, bathtubs, lookouts and everything else. The only problem was the parents about hurt themselves trying to keep up in these cramped spaces crawling with their toddlers.
Gage went into the arts & crafts area and made a frog with construction paper and a paper plate. They had a castle that kids could paint but we skipped the pink paint area.

They had foam noodles to run through and then in the center there was a rock the kids could paint with water. There were books you could read and a bug velcro belt that the velcroed bugs would fly off of once the kids wheeled the but to the top.
Then there was the grocery store. That was where we spent a bunch of our time. Kids purchased groceries, kids checked you out with your groceries and then kids took your bag to the back sorted and restocked the shelves.
The last big stop was the race track. They had cars made out of old roller skate wheels and a long curvy track that kids raced their cars on.

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