Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Review

What a week it's been! The Holidays have came and gone, well almost that is.

Christmas Eve Gage and I headed over to my Aunt Judy's for a Christmas brunch. That is always a enjoyable time. Gage gets to hang out with his second cousin Jack who he doesn't get to see all that much. We enjoyed the morning there and headed home to play with his new toys about 1 pm. Gage was playing and wanted to open a toy that had a ton of parts and I told him no to wait till we were home. The next thing I knew he was saying he was ready to go home and telling people bye.

At this age you never know what they will say or do!

After opening his boxes when we got home we headed for the movies. Last year I wanted to start a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Eve. Only last year didn't go so smooth. We drove in a blizzard to Pittsburg since Parsons shut down early because of the snow. This year I called ahead of time to double check showing schedules. We went and watched Yogi Bear. It was alright. Gage liked it. Allen liked the popcorn so much he ate the entire large container by himself!

Christmas Day was enjoyable. (Except Allen had a major stomach ache, I think eating all that popcorn had something to do with it!) Gage slept in so I was able to have the camera and camcorder ready for him. He came out and was excited to see Santa drank his milk, ate a cookie and left presents.

Since Christmas morning we have spent a lot of time hanging out with family and figuring out what all we received. I am so thankful for having each other and that we are blessed with a healthy son. Allen and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year.

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