Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So this post was written yesterday but blogger just decided to let me load all my pictures, sorry for the delay!5 Years ago I was happy, scared, excited and maybe a little nervous!

5 years ago I had my hospital bags packed and was working my last day for a couple weeks.

5 years ago, where has the time gone? I can't believe Gage is actually turning 5 tomorrow!

I seriously can't remember life without him. This past month I just keep asking myself the same question, What did we do before we had him? We had to have been bored!

We had his party this past Sunday. He was like every other child, too excited to wait around to open all these presents that were coming in the door. We did get to sing Happy Birthday to him and pass some cake out before we gathered in the living room for the opening of presents. He received several fun gifts that he has been playing with. Allen and I did give him a rather large gift. A four wheeler that hasn't been left alone since. He had opened a gift that was a helmet and goggles and had them on when Allen said that someone else just pulled up in the drive. He ran over with his gear on so we didnt' get to see his initial reaction. All his pictures show him with his helmet on and we can't see his face in.

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