Friday, May 13, 2011

Aunt Kelli's Wedding

 Last weekend we were privileged to attend and be a part of Aunt Kelli's wedding. Everything was beautiful. The rehearsal went well with a lovely evening and Saturday the day of the wedding went all as planned I do believe. I carried my camera with me Friday night and then Saturday morning but after that I was a little busy keeping track of Gage and also being a part of the wedding party. Wedding went great, my toast I was nervous about I think went well and then Gage was able to bust some moves on the dance floor. My pictures don't do justice of how crazy busy it really was.

Anyways, Congratulations Aunt Kelli and Uncle Austin!

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The Nutters said...

I didn't realize she already got married. I'm so happy for her! Hopefully she will post pictures soon - I'm sure it was beautiful!