Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Learning Curve

The beauty of painting a derby car. It used to be brushing the paint and lettering it. Then it turned to Allen spraying it and myself lettering it. Now its vinyl lettering and applying the paint with a paint gun. My how times have changed. Allen let Gage have a painting session last Thursday evening with his Oswego derby car.

Allen explained everything from pouring, stirring and mixing paint and thinner with the paint to the proper way to hold the gun and how to apply just the right amount of pressure. I'm sure glad I could care less about learning how to paint with the gun. Gage listened to it all, not me I said forget it, I'll take pictures. Too bad my pictures turned out grainy and crappy.

Anyways, Gage was so excited to get to paint.
Not what a typical 5 year old thinks of painting I'm sure.

Allen did participate in the 100th Labette County Fair Demolition Derby. He broke his steering right off the bat in his heat but was able to pull off a win. In the finals his carburetor continued to malfunction the ENTIRE derby. After putting up with it though and fighting his car all night he did pull off a 3rd place finish overall. Not too shabby.

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