Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daddy's little helper

When ever we go out to the yard to play we either play in the sandbox or end up in daddy's garage. Tonight we ended up in the garage. Gage seems to love to work on cars already. He gets a hammer and beats on it some, then maybe a screw driver and work on the wheels, and maybe get a wrench and work on the lug nuts. Its kinda funny because you know Allen never knows what he'll find on the car or in the car.
Tomorrow is our 10 year wedding anniversary!! Yes I said 10 YEARS! Can you believe it! it doesn't seem like 10 years ago when we got married. I think Allen and I are going to go down to Grove OK and go on the Cherokee Queen boat. I don't care what we do but I am looking forward to getting away for the night! We have to wait and leave around 5 after work and be back by noon b/c Allen has to work in Altamont for someone tomorrow afternoon. We were wanting to do something over the weekend that way we could actually plan some fun things. Maybe another weekend.

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