Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miami Beach Florida

Well I haven't updated for sometime. Allen and I flew to Miami Beach Florida Sept. 28 and came home October 1. I had my first Administrative Assistant Conference to attend and had a really good time and learned quit a bit. Aunt Kelli and Nana and Papa took care of Gage while we were gone. I think he had a really good time with both of them but I can't seem to leave the room without him wondering "where's mama".
Allen got a tattoo while I was in class on Tuesday. He got his AMC Pacer on the inner part of his left arm. Of coarse he had it done at Miami Ink.

We stayed right on the beach/ocean and even seen some dolphins one day when we were out walking by the beach.
I have to say i'm glad we went for the conference and not for vacation or we would have been very disappointed.
I was in class everyday from about 7:30am-4:00pm so while I was learning and networking Allen was out touring Miami Beach.
There were bums all over and the place stunk like urine just about everywhere you went in the shopping area.
Thats all I have to update. We'll end this with another cute picture of Gage.

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