Thursday, March 5, 2009

The past week...

First off the excuse I am giving for not blogging for a long time is because my laptop has been at our tax place for about 2 weeks now. So this morning I decided to turn on and wipe off the dust of the computer in our office.

Currently I have been home now since Monday afternoon with a sick little boy. I took him to the doctor Tuesday and he has bronchial pneumonia. So some medicine and breathing treatments every 4 hours we are starting to be on the road to recovery. Today he is much better then the past 3 days.

Sunday I took Gage over to Joplin and we went to Macaroo's. Gage had an okay time. And it was too boring for him on the bouncer's his age so mommy had to craw and climb and lug him around on the bigger activities. Boy was I sore! He actually wanted to go after about an hour. Looking back at it maybe he wasn't feeling so well and just wasn't showing the signs of being sick just yet.

Saturday our cow Moo Moo (Gage came up with that) finally had her baby. We were so excited.
(Pictures probably tomorrow. I can't get my camera to load for some reason today on this computer)

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