Friday, August 7, 2009

Sadie the Puppy

Sadie was with us long enough...long enough to figure out she needed a new home!
I think part of the problem was that our family was just spoiled when we had Racey. I never knew what I was going to find when I came home from work out in the yard. Sadie slept in our garage and was able to come and go into the yard through her doggie door. She would take anything and everything out of my garage that would fit through that dog door and have it everywhere! She also figured out how to take the lid off of Gage's sandbox and one day I came home and all the sand was in a pile next to the sandbox. Gage nor Allen shoveled it out. She also liked to bite and tackle Gage. I had her trained for sit, down and come but she was extremely hiper. I would play fetch and walk her but she still had so much energy. I decided to put her on the internet and if she sold she sold and if not then I would continue to raise her. It didn't take long and a gentleman from Lamar called and purchased her. I can't tell you how nice it is to see Gage running through the yard again without being tackled or when I pull up in the drive not seeing a million things torn up into tiny pieces (paper, blankets, staking flags, a chicken)
I guess I learned a lesson that ...
1. were not ready for a larger breed dog and
2. I think we are busy enough we don't need a dog for now

Oh, and you probably are wondering if Gage cared. No. If you ask him she found a new home that loves her and if you ask him if he misses her his answer,usually, is no.

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