Sunday, October 18, 2009

JAG Farms

We decided on a name for our "operation" a couple weeks ago. JAG Farms (Jennifer, Allen & Gage).

Sunday October 18, we purchased our first big purchase of cows for our land we purchased a couple months ago. Okay, so for some this isn't big at all but for us it is. I absolutely love going to the cow sale. I like trying to guess what they will sale for, I guess its just a stupid game you play while waiting. I like the thought that this may or may not be your last chance to bid, this may or may not be the cow that goes home with you and has baby's for you. I love driving by our land and everyday patiently waiting to see if there is a new baby. I'm so excited. The heifers we purchased are due in February and March so I guess I'll have some waiting to do hugh?

The picture I took isn't the best and I've been trying to get better ones but the cows are either sniffing my camera (they aren't scared of me AT ALL) or I don't see them out in the pasture. I'm sure you'll see more pictures especially as they have babies!

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