Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a first for me. The first time to help build fence that is. We set t-post and corner post last week in the evenings after work and tried getting everything ready for this weekend. Saturday, which was a beautiful day, we strung the wire and clipped it. With the help of Bo, Papa Steve, and Chuck we were able to get a little over ½ a mile of 5 wire barb wire completed. The only injuries were:
*Barb wire to back of head-Allen
*Barb wire hit tooth-Allen
*Barb wire hit right eye-Allen
*Barb Wire sliced neck-Allen

Are you seeing a trend? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m married to an accident prone! Regardless, all injuries were minor and no emergency room visits…yet…we still have a little bit left to do this year. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Sunday was a much colder day! I didn’t want to go outside let alone build more fences! So we only had to go out there to set a couple hedge posts. After that I made Chili! It was so nice to have the aroma of Chili in the house on a cold windy day! We haven’t had it for so long it seems. I love how there are certain meals you have in the winter and certain meals in the summer. Just when you’re getting tired and bored with one seasons foods the weather changes and you’re excited to cook again.

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