Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We had a kitten show up last week. We aren't sure exactly how it got here. Allen and I have never been cat people but had been talking about getting an outside cat about the past year to help out with the mouse population out in the barn. Just so happens that this kitten lives in the barn and doesn't like coming out once we placed it there.

Since finding the kitten we also found a black cat and an orange tom cat. They have a small family now in our barn. The adults I see every couple days, the kitten on the other hand, I see every day. I bought kitten food for it. I know people say not to feed them or they won't be mousers but I think this kitten is a little too young to hunt on its own yet.
While writing this post I asked Gage,
 "So what are we going to name this kitten"?
His response was Freddy or Sally.
 I said "No"
 and he then threw out "Brewster"
so Brewster it is.
You may not know this but everything we have Gage wants to name either Fred, Freddy or Sally. Stuffed animals, dogs, cats, cows and calves.

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Kelli said...

ha ha Austin would be so happy to know his first suggestion was Feddy or Sally.