Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot Tub Fun

Gage absolutely loves the hot tub.
So being a Saturday where we have no plans, whats better than  to do some quality time in the hot tub with him. We made shaved ice sodas, got him several toys, towels and headed out this morning. It was really cold but that didn't stop us!
The hot tub temperature is currently 104 degrees so when he first got in he said he thought he
was on fire.
It didn't take long and he was playing and splashing and telling me how good the water felt. An hour later I finally made him get out. I just wish he wasn't afraid of getting his head under the water. I told him I called about swimming lessons. That was also the end of the conversation about that. He wasn't happy.

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Kelli said...

Looks like fun!