Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Blizzard

What is better than getting in the hot tub when it's 7 degrees outside, your stranded at home and have nothing better to do then your house chores.
Gage, Allen and I got in the hot tub. I've always wanted to get in while it was snowing. Blizzard really wasn't my idea but it worked. Let's just say we didn't stay long. The water felt great but the wind, snow and steam only made for frozen hair and cold ears and noses.
We can now say: Been there done that.           
 Below is the inside/outside temperature gauge. (Sorry for the poor quality, forgot my good camera at work)
 Yes that says 57 degrees inside temperature. I keep my house cool during the day but when we are home you better believe it's taken off the energy saving mode!
And yes, it says 7 degrees for the outside! The outside temperature this morning was below zero when we woke up. And tonight the forecast is predicting I think a -11 degrees plus wind chill. That -11 isn't even the wind chill temperature. I can't say I can ever remember temperatures like this here in Kansas, since I've been old enough to care that is.
Gage has been pretty disappointed with this snow fall. I've only taken him out a few times and it's just too cold for playing in the snow.
We rode out in the backhoe this afternoon with Allen to break ice and check the cows. Our poor pregnant cows. By my calculations they are due any day. To top that, one of them looked like they had a little mucas showing so that means we will be having a calf pretty soon. I am scared to think that poor calf is going to freeze to death. We will have to keep a close eye on her.

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