Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Sunday Fun

Sunday we woke up to boardism. There wasn't much that needed done(laundry, invoices to send, dishes to put up, my vehicle to vacuum and hand wash) so, who doesn't like to get away and play every now and then?
Gage standing afterwards in front of "Snake Bite"

We headed down to Tulsa to attend the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Show. They had hundreds of cars in the car show and to top it all off, bmx and skateboarder stuntmen, dirt bike stuntmen and monster trucks!

Oh yea, Gage was so excited! We arrived around noon and looked at the cars and exhibitors items till around 3 and then sat and watched the shows.

I had wanted to take Gage to Kansas City a couple weekends ago to see Monster Jam and it didn't work out. Allen and I don't always see eye to eye when it comes to what he thinks we should do for fun and what I think. A part of me doesn't care that Gage may or may not remember what we did but he gets to experience it. Allen's thought is wait till he is old enough to remember. Anyways I'm off subject...

It worked out Sunday that he got to see monster trucks. The thing is though, he watches and keeps up with Monster Jam to know that there wasn't any big names in attendance. He kept asking where's Blue Lightning, where's Monster Mutt, where's Grave Digger, where's Captain's Curse and on and on. Big Foot was there but he hasn't done much for several years so he isn't on TV much.

When we got home Gage was exhausted! He kept trying to fall asleep on the way home so much that Allen actually pulled over on a gravel road, he got Gage out of his car seat, and they made 4 running laps around the truck so Gage would wake up. Allen explained to Gage that this is what he does when he gets really tired. It's true, I've been with him when he has had to do this.

If you ever have a chance to attend the Darryl Starbird show, it was well worth the money.

The "sign" I get all the time when trying to take a cute picture

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