Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Gage has lots of friends. He has friends that are young, friends that are old, friends that are real and now one that is not!

Meet Max. Max was given to Gage as a Christmas present this past year and hasn't slept a single night without snuggling with Gage.

Now, meet Gage's newest friend... Mud Pud the puppy. Mud Pud found Gage at school the other day and came home with him. He gets stepped on some times, he eats Gage's snacks right out of his hand and today he snuck down to the babysitters . 

What? You don't see him? All you see is Max?! Hummm, well, I only see Max as well.

This is all new to us too. We haven't had an imaginary friend until now. We have asked Gage a lot of questions and he always answers them. Mud Pud is brown. He also has brown eyes and sometimes has muddy feet. He likes to lick the toothpaste out of the sink and chase balls.
So, for now we play and sleep with Mud Pud.

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Audrey said...

Bennett has a friend named "jacob" that he's ALWAYS talking about. It makes me smile!