Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Gage and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to Neewollah. We were sitting in our chairs at 9 a.m.
Every year it is a race to get the best seats. It's also a race I haven't won yet. We have yet to have the perfect seat. We waited patiently and made some new friends that travel from Arkansas every year to watch the parade.
The parade started on time at 11 a.m. As always, starting with the colors and loud sirens.
The fire dog actually did a pretty good little performance right in front of us finishing up with ringing the bell before he sat back down on the front bumper to continue riding in the parade.
Gage is always waving at people. He is the most sociable kid person I know. I'm not sure where he gets it. During the parade he told me his arm hurt from waving. I told him he didn't have to wave since he didn't know any of them. He said "But their nice people and their waving at me so I have to wave back mom."

Below is my youngest sister Quin. She is in the band but chose to do the flag core the day of the parade for the Sedan High School.
Gage and I had a great day. The parade lasted 2 hours though!

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