Thursday, December 8, 2011

Labette County Fair

Better late than never, right? Well these pictures were taken at the Labette County Fair when Gage entered into the peewee bucket calf division. (He's by the girl in the orange)
 We drove over to watch some of his little friends show their calves and he ended up showing one also. He got to choose which color and he chose the purple ribbon since purple means your the winner won the purple ribbon!
 In the peewee division you get to borrow a friends calf and have them help you in the arena while showing the calf.
This is Shanler helping Gage. See him, yea the tiny kid on the other side of the calf. You can see the very top of his head and his legs. Their bucket calf wasn't so little!
Sorry I was too busy helping him get into the arena and didn't have time to use my camera so a friend emailed them to me the other day.

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