Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 20 A hobby of yours

This is the same answer as yesterday. I don't have a hobby. I've made a couple scrapbooks, I have a blog that I don't tend to daily, I've made a couple quilts but hobbies...not so much.

I guess I could say that I like bargains. I do use coupons, shop craigslist and ebay and hardly ever pay full price. I have known some (let me clear my throat, yea you know who you are) who often walk away when I'm negotiating a price on an item. I'm not afraidto Jew. There is nothing wrong with trying to get something for the best price possible. And you thought only men do this. Oh no, if you need to buy something and need help, just call me I'll do the talking for you even. I do love doing that! I see my sister and husband walking away right now! They always thank me later though!

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