Friday, September 24, 2010


Yesterday evening we had a "surprise"! This surprise showed up in our pasture. Our cows didn't have it and we contacted the guy who owns land next to ours and all his cows and calves are accounted for. So who does this calf belong to?

I'm pretty sure it's Gage's baby now. Last night it was all we could do to get him in the house away from it. Then he snuck out the back door and was headed for the barn in the pitch black when Allen came in wondering where Gage was. Gage had told me he was going to go tell daddy something and he snuck out to the barn just to make sure the calf was going to bed.

When we were out there he also talked to the calf and I overheard him saying "It's okay, come to mama baby calf". Too cute!

This morning it was rise and shine no complaining since Gage got to go feed.

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